Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Order is complete!

Last week we finished our production, and the film is now completed.

Go ahead, have a look! And please feel free to comment!

The Order from Bendik Stubstad Henriksen on Vimeo.


  1. I'm hungry. Dudes, stoked to see the finished project - the film looks great. Everything synced up well; looks like a shitload of editing went down. Good stuff.


  2. My boyfriend and I just watched your video. He joined me when he heard the beats of the soundtrack. We thought you did a great job.

    Nice subject matter. I look for Indian food everywhere I travel, even home here in Arizona. Tandoori seasoned meats, nan bread, pappadum... mmm, wonderful! The video length was perfect, left me wanting more. I would've never known that the space you filmed in was so small and cramped. Your project description was important explaining the process, and the challenges. I learned something new, and was entertained.

    I shouldn't be surprised at the quality though, as you ARE colleagues of Jesper K, yes?