Tuesday, April 21, 2009



It’s quiet, we see two chefs wearing white chefs hats and overalls. One sits on a blue basket and the other sitting on either side of the kitchen, one chef peals a potato and the other just stares at a wall. The men look depressed, as there hasn’t been an order for days and the restaurant has been quiet.
All of a sudden a hand reaches in from a little hole the runs besides one of the chefs; it’s the waiter.
He yells “Order!” and slams the piece of paper down on the table. The men stare at it with amazement and drawn by the curiosity of what it would be they both reach for it, and the second chef gets hold of it.
The head chef grabs it off him and begins to look at it in a stare. All of a sudden their personas begin to brighten, he sticks it on the top of the extraction hood. The music piece starts to play.
The head chef takes out a pan in rhythm to the sound track. The second chef stretches some dough and slams it. Some oil is then thrown on the pan while we hear the dough being thrown. Some spices are thrown on top in sync with the beat. The dough is then slammed into the oven followed by the clinking of skewers. The noise of a knife chopping down some potatoes and onions matches the beat, then we hear clapping of hands as naan breads are being prepared and white flour fills the air.
The head chef places pots with curry powers on the table and arranges them according to the beat. We then see the other chef clacking his skewers as he takes out the Naan bread one by one. By this time the head chef throws some spices onto the pan and begins to fry.
We see Naan bread being thrown onto plates with the use of the skewers, and at the same time the head chef begins to chop the chicken.
He then begins to drop the chicken in the pan peace by peace. At the same time we hear the other chef grinding his knife repeatedly. We then hear the sound of the fire emerging from the pan, aswell as the pan being grinding with the stove. The sounds of the knife being grinded and the pan emerge and sync in beat. The chopping starts as the second chef begins to chop the Naan breads, and the head chef begins to grind the Masala.
By this time the atmosphere is exhilarating and excitement overwhelms the chefs as they continue to cook. This pace continues as the preparation proceeds, until the dish is finished.
The dish is presented and slid to the table where the waiter grabs it and exits the scene.
The music stops and we see the chefs relax, anxiously staring at each other they soon become bored and begin to slouch their body’s again. One sits down on the basket and the other continues to stare at the wall, resuming the position they had when the film started.

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